One thing that I’ve learned all these years are that people, people never change. Bad guy stay bad, the good stay good. It’s just the way they show their traits changes. From basic DDoSing to shoulder surfing a person, the techniques, thats what changes the most....


The War on Tesla, Musk, and the Fight for the Future

Contrary to a newly emerging narrative that Tesla has “had it easy” in the press, Tesla has been smeared from Day 1. Back in the Roadster Days, TTAC for example ran a “Tesla Deathwatch” series, supposedly counting down the days until Tesla’s inevitable bankruptcy. Top Gear famously staged a scene where the Roadster supposedly ran out of power on the track and had to be....


Electronic Brainwashing

The tweets came days after Facebook was caught in the middle of accusation that the social media giant secretly provided the UK based Cambridge Analytica analytic and data mining firm access to 50 million profiles without the consent of users. The privacy breach incident...


Shell Shocked.

From a simple Sunday long-drive to a Conscience Clearing incident, who knew that this particular long drive would go 0-100 in just seconds. Maybe universe planned us to be there at particular time, maybe not.

The Right Man in the Wrong Place can make all the difference in the world.