With it's maiden launch scheduled at the end of January 2018, Falcon Heavy, is going lift off from Houston with a very special cargo. Yes, Elon Musk's new Tesla Roadster which will orbit to mars playing this legendary song on repeat above by David Bowie, Space Oddity.

People launch satellites in space for probing and exploration, they go on expedition to the vast galaxy but here, Elon Musk is just trying to prove a point, that he can enter the Heleocentric orbit in 1st revolution - where ISRO took 27 revolution, NASA on average takes 15 - where After achieving Trans Mars Ejection (TMI) the Falcon Heavy capsule with it's special cargo will be en route to mars for a 8 month journey.

Proving points in case of SpaceX has been it's 'A' game till it's birth, when Elon Musk put the idea of Stage 1 Booster re-usability, people laughed at him and said he was going crazy, but on the 3rd attempt of his Falcon 1 launch, he proved the world wrong.

Not just SpaceX, Tesla founded by Elon, aims on achieving the lowest power consuming electric cars. Solar City, where he aims on running the houses all from solar. Gigafactory, where he produce Lithium-ion batteries for his cars, solar power storage and Hyperloop, where the batteries basically have the life of 30-50 years till 90% discharge (Basically the batteries will last forever - our mobile phone batteries have 5 year life where upon, the batteries do not charge.). Well, I personally am a fan of Elon Musk because what drives him to do such things is just behind a simple thought...

Whenever I close my eyes and think about the future, I just don't want to be sad.

That is it. One simple line.

We have got global problems on our asses, it's snowing where it's not supposed to. Some countries don't have water to drink from, some have no food to eat, some are so cold that people die of hypothermia, some are so hot that people die of kidney faliure, glaciers melting, dis-balancing the amount of saline water in ocean (80% of species on this planet exist in ocean, 80% of them need saline water to survive.) annihilating them. We see this, and ignore it, like yeah we are just here in this world for 80 years, let the future generation worry about the future. No, they can't, they won't be there to worry.

Creeping people isn't really my motive, nor sticking to the topic above.

It is true that humans are known to find a way out of problems when the trouble arrives. Maybe this is the transition, maybe not.

End of January when the the capsule has been put to TMI, with David Bowie inspiring his words to the echoless vacuum, at that point, we might realize that the solution to all the problems is one, leaving the planet.

Enough with the dark creeps to the spine, but yeah, I highly aprreciate Elon Musk for what he's doing not only for his country'ies' (is a citizen of 3 countries) but for the planet. He is indeed my inspiration.

Godspeed SpaceX.