Shell Shocked

We all hear accidents happening everyday, car getting smushed by the truck, bike getting smushed by the car, people dying.

It is also known to all that in my country that people don't really care about each other, not even when someones life at stake. It is that Tendency of the people at my state to just make a circle, turn on the camera, talk about how and what happened while the victim bleeds to death. They aren't even going to call the cops or an ambulance in the first 5 minutes, they have to update the person next to them on how the vehicles colided.

That particular tendency just fucks me up, maybe you too. Maybe it is the people who are afraid to do something, or they have no knowledge what to do.

My cousin sister had a serious accident a couple of years back, lung fractured-legs broken kind of accident. She was in a car on a highway at nightime when it hit a divider on a blindspot at around airbag speed, airbags deployed, saved the driver. After the consequent events took place, people gathered around , the driver himself in shock, my sister - losing her consience - laying inside the car bleeding. She was "saved" (literally saved because without the old lady she would'nt survive.) by an old lady after she saw my sister in vain and had the decency to call the ambulance.

The right man in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world.

It is what really goes through my mind, the literal decency, the spark of humanity that a person should have. Maybe today was my day when I got the chance to be the change.

My family, me, my sister, my doggo, Mom and Dad were on a usual long drive on a sunday afternoon near Hatigarh - coming from kharguli - when we saw a bike flipped over and a car stood infront of it. We thought that it must be just a normal contact and the people would argue on ,"You gotta pay for this bro.." stuff. But upon reaching the place, * Please be adviced, it might get a bit graphic * we see a man laying on the ground with a wound size of a golf ball in his head and bleeding. Well we see that the people (As usual, doing nothing) talking and staring at the body. That's what triggered my whole family, we stop our car like 20 meter away from the accident, I get out and start running followed by my father behind me.

Somehow when I was running, I was recalling all my knowledge about biology, maybe some of the movies I saw, what they do when a man is bleeding out. I knew what I had to do. I reach the body and cover the wound with my hand, it was not stopping the bleeding so I just ask for a Rumal (peice of cloth) to stop the bleeding. People as usual stare at me as if I'm giving a performance in a classic broadway play, my father immediately hands me his Napkin and seeing that an old man (A locale) hands me his.

My one hand is on his hand wound and the other looking for other sources of bleeding. I see that there is a hole in his windpipe and damn I was scared at that moment. My heart was pounding, the guy was breathing in shock with about 100 ml of blood out of his system, he lost consience. All I could do is apply the pressure on his wounds and stop the bleeding.

Some of the audience called the ambulance during that time. During that time an SUV with another family pulls up in the middle of the road, seeing the person in vain and offers their car to take the person to a nearby hospital (which was literally 4 minutes away).

After 2 shouts on helping me to lift up the body, 2 people of the audience help me to keep the body in the car. My mother arrives at that time and tells me to take him and asked me to pray to god.

At the front seat it was that old fella-locale who had given me his napkin and beside me, was another guy bleeding through is nose. Turns out he was with the guy on the bike when the accident happened.

I, still saying to myself, "I can do this, I can do this." was applying pressure to stop the bleeding, when the person regains consciousness and starts liftng his hand. I told him to chill the fuck down and lie still.

In a minute or 2 we reach the hospital and I ask the old fella to get a stretcher. The stretcher arrives, it gets him to the emergency room immideatly and after some time the house surgeon says he's gonna be okay.

Let me be clear, I'm not the one to be termed as the guy who saved him.

This incident made my dilemma clear, people hesitate to do something. I believe that the past personal experiences had made me leap out of the car and go to help the guy had made the spark.

I do believe in change. So should you